The Processes

  • Panel beating – We’ll always try to repair a body part as a priority, but if it’s turns out to be more cost effective, we’ll replace badly damaged panels with new ones, order it as soon as the vehicle has been stripped and damage assessed. In panel beating we use various methods to remove dents and shape panels back to its original contours, so much so that it is usually impossible to detect that repair work has been done.

  • Spray painting – After planishing, filling, sanding and priming the panel our experienced spray painters use a superior quality paint mixed to precise requirements in order to ensure a lasting, chip-free layer of paint which matches the original colour and is seamlessly applied to the panel.

  • Polishing & Cleaning – All painted parts are polished and buffed using only the highest quality of products and equipment. After polishing the vehicle goes through a cleaning process where they valet the vehicle using an industrial vacuum cleaner and high pressure washer to clean the vehicle.

  • Quality control – Finally, after repairs, a quality check is done by our in-house quality controller. A quality check list is used and placed on file together with all other related documents. When the vehicle fails the final inspection, it is returned to the various departments to fix before it will again be subjected to an inspection in order to ensure a consistent high standard of repair work.

  • Other repair work – We also do bumper repairs and headlight refurbishment. In terms of general repairs we also carry out fibreglass repairs, plastic welding, sandblasting and structural repair welding on vehicles, trailers and other equipment.